Interviews PhD award

As readers certainly remember, the Italian Society of Pharmacology (SIF) published a call asking recent PhD graduates to submit a review article based on their thesis. This initiative was well received and we congratulate the winners. The possibility exists that SIF will make this a tradition and we encourage future graduates to start thinking of a suitable paper and submit it to PharmAdvances. In addition to facilitating a cash prize, single-author papers are valued by funding bodies and provide some competitive advantage when it comes to obtain funds (read the interviews to see how this is a major hurdle in scientific research).
For this issue of PharmAdvances, we interviewed the winners of the PharmAdvances PhD awards, namely Drs. Francesca Lazzara (FL), Amer Ahmed (AA), Paola Brivio (PB), and Chiara Colarusso (CC). In particular, we wanted to learn about their experience in the lab and what obstacles they had to overcome.
Their answers are very instructive and should help us shape a better university and education system.

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Table of Content: Vol. 4 (No. 3) 2022 September