Facing changes in the pharmacological research and in the pharmaceutical industry

The SIF-Farmindustria issue is structured in 6 parts and contributions:

1. the new research methods;
2. data quality;
3. the patient and their treatment needs;
4. breakthrough innovation and PDTAs;
5. digital innovation in medicine;
6. the role of science communication.

The collection provides an overview of the most relevant and significant issues for the changes that pharmacological research and the pharmaceutical industry are facing, with particular attention given to their innovative nature and sustainability for the health system as a whole.
Each contribution is structured in such a way as to outline the current context from which proposals and areas for future development can be made. These form the core of each individual contribution and provide extremely important points for discussion and reflection for all those involved in various ways in the world of drug research and new treatment processes.

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Table of Content: Vol. 4 (No. 2-Special) 2022 May