Working agenda and map for the future

This volume is not intended solely as a high-profile dissertation on the issues of innovation and sustainability arising from the partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the Italian Society of Pharmacology (SIF), but rather as a working agenda and a map for the future. In fact, it is a dynamic document that aims to indicate the direction to be taken in all areas addressed in the various chapters and to lead to the emergence of real projects aimed at achieving the objectives set out in the various contributions.
These projects which, for obvious reasons, are transversal to the various areas dealt with in the document, are based on a series of key words and concepts, widely addressed within the various contributions in the “future prospects” sections.
In the following, the key concepts are recalled and the points of observation addressed in the document are reported in order to identify possible developments of the document and to further emphasise the value of the partnership between the pharmaceutical company and SIF.


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Table of Content: Vol. 4 (No. 2-Special) 2022 May