Pharmacology is going strong

One of the problems we have in biomedical research is stagnation. There is no clear way out of it and incremental research is replacing the disruptive. Thankfully, hard-working scientists are still advancing our knowledge on the most pervasive diseases and on the way, we can treat them.
The preceding considerations have been deeply worked out in Rome, during the 41st SIF National Congress, aptly titled “The scientific value and appropriate use of drugs”.
In this issue of PharmAdvances you will find the Abstracts of that meeting, which provide readers with an ample vision of where pharmacological research is and where it is going.
It is important to note that the meeting was attended by over 1.500 delegates, who fill the Ergife Hotels meeting rooms to listen to >140 lectures and study >400 posters.
A wide variety of topics were addressed and discussed, ranging from Real-World Evidence and associated pharmacovigilance and pharmacosurveillance (a hot theme already featured in PharmAdvances) to rare diseases, from inflammation (the root of all diseases) to the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, from the increasingly important role of the microbiome to neuropsychiatric and cardiological disorders and the new pandemic f antimicrobial resistance (to which a 2023 Special Issue of PharmAdvances is devoted), to name just a few.
The most important thing to underscore is that the field of pharmacology and its research (be it basic or clinical) is gaining considerable traction and encompasses many sub-fields: from natural product pharmacology (see for example and associated nutraceuticals to the use of “omics” as tools for drug discovery and development. Immunity and its regulations are being often cited by the mass media ought to the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and it has been one of the main topics of the SIF meeting and was already thoroughly discussed here by Bergamo et al.
Finally, the SIF Congress was also a great opportunity for Continuing Medical Education credits, earned by a large variety of health care professionals.
In summary, the 41st SIF National Congress testified to the vitality of pharmacology in its broad meaning and seeded further optimism in researchers, who are working hard to secure optimal health to our aging population.

Prof. Francesco Visioli
Executive Editor, PharmAdvances

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