Recommendations for an effective strategy on antimicrobial resistance

The year 2025 will mark ten years since the adoption of the WHO Global Action Plan (1) on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and, despite the progress made so far, a solid and effective action is still required to eradicate this phenomenon.
Farmindustria has decided to promote the establishment of a multidisciplinary Task Force to pool the know-how and experience of experts on the subject, with a view to providing recommendations on critical aspects in the fight against AMR.
Task Force members include representatives from the medical and scientific community, the academic world, citizens and patients’ associations, pharmacists organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.
The discussions between these experts resulted in this document consisting of three chapters regarding, respectively:

The role of vaccination as a prevention tool against antimicrobial
Value, access, and innovation of novel antibiotics against bacterial
Appropriate use of antibiotics.

These three topics were discussed during three parallel work sessions involving the various experts and further feedback and information were obtained through a survey sent to all participants. The document was shared with the whole Task Force panel of experts each step of the way. In drafting the document, attempts were made to focus attention on the specific issues requiring solutions that are sustainable in the long term and effective planning, and for which a direct and solid recommendation
can be made.
The recommendations proposed are intended as a complementary tool to those provided by existing technical and institutional panels.

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