Founded in 1939, the Italian Society of Pharmacology was recognized in 1996 as a non-profit scientific association by the Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research. It’s a member of IUPHAR (International Union of Pharmacology) and EPHAR (Federation of the European Pharmacological Societies).

The current membership consists of around 1200 Ordinary Members, 9 Honorary Members, 43 Senior Members, 306 Junior Members and 35 Supporting Members. The Company has a permanent office in Milan (Organizing Secretariat) and is managed by a President, an Elected President and a Board of Directors composed of 8 members. The SIF includes a Clinical Pharmacology Section managed by a Coordinator and 6 Councilors.

A National Congress is organized every two years. For over ten years the Italian Society of Pharmacology has organized an annual Seminar for PhD students, Research Fellows, Postdoctoral students and Specialists in Pharmacology and the like, with the participation of students and their tutors.