Value-based health in immunology

In recent years, innovation in immunology, rapid drugs development and acquisition of new indications for treatments have created new challenges for pricing and reimbursement systems. Current Italian pharmacoeconomic models were not developed to be suitable and adaptable to address new indications, requiring more targeted and in-depth cost-effectiveness analysis. To date, there are no well-defined guidelines to build a model that measures the value of the drug in real life and in patient’s global healthcare, also considering the economic impact on the National Health System (NHS).
These challenges impact a range of stakeholders and may result in inadequate access to treatments for patients. A balance is needed to ensure progress towards easier access to treatments for patients but at the same time guarantee the right value for multi-indication drugs (MIDs). This paper aims to dissect the practical and socio-economic aspects regarding MIDs, in order to discuss potential guidelines and lay the foundations for a more concrete model of evaluation of treatments and patient outcomes.

Impact statement 
MIDs are single drugs exploitable in more than one pathological condition. However, several efforts are still needed to balance the best possible outcome for each patient and the sustainability of the health care system.

Table of Content: Suppl. Vol. 5 (No. 1) 2023 September